Geometry Dash


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How To Play: Geometry Dash.

Geometry Dash is a vibrant game with precise rhythmic dance moves. Starting the game, you will feel its fun based on the inspirational music of Newgrounds. Your task in the game is to control the geometry blocks to jump over dangerous obstacles such as walls, jagged, ... Please jump in time while jumping on each ladder because you can slide out at any time.

The difficulty of the game will increase over time, and when you lose you will have to start over from the first point. The geometry will have seven distinct shapes and traverse seven different colored gates, and the geometry you control changes. Experience the game and you will see how great they are.

Geometry dash has all 21 levels for you to conquer. After completing a level you will get an attractive reward and 3 gold coins to unlock 3 locked levels. To upgrade your skills, complete all levels in the best way.

With unique graphics, vivid sound Geometry Dash deserves to be the hottest game today. Join the game now to have great relaxation.

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